Audit firm in Lahore

Audit Firm in Lahore

We provides a wide range of assurance services, with the primary focus on the objective of assurance. Furthermore, on the reliability and relevance of financial information and a host of non-financial aspects. Moreover, data, processes, operations and procedures and on the effectiveness and efficiency of controls. These services include Statutory Audit, Management Audit, Internal Audit and System Control Review (SCR), Information System Audit, Tax audit, Regulatory Audit & Regulatory Compliance Review (RCR), Cost Audits & Cost Allocation Studies, Share Transfer Audit, Review and Complication Assignments. BTS & CO is the audit firm in Lahore that provides all the above services.

Planning & Strategies

The scope, time, and direction of an audit are determine by its audit strategy. When creating an audit plan, the approach is then use as a guide. Creating a more focus audit plan is made simpler by defining an audit strategy. Which reduces the amount of time need for organizing an audit overall. The important decisions require to properly prepare the audit are typically state in the strategy document.

The specific actions that must take in order to conduct an audit are lay out in an audit plan. The plan includes steps for risk assessment additional steps that should be take base on the results of the risk assessment. As the audit plan specifies the nature, time, and scope of the precise audit processes to be carry out, it is much more extensive than the strategy document. We are the best audit firm in Lahore.

Taxation Advisory

GST Sales Tax
Planning, Consultation, Compliance,
Tax Due Diligence Reviews,
Personal & Cooperate Taxation Services.

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Profit Improvement

Regular auditing can aid in understanding many facets of the firm and assists in validating financial statements, accounts, and balances in accordance with accounting standards. Finding financial issues, cash-related errors, and other assets are all benefits of auditing.

  • Reliability of Financial Statement
  • Fraud Prevention & Detection
  • Risk of misstatement
  • Cost of Capital

Process & Workflow

Financial Statement Audit

Conducted in accordance with the International Standards on Auditing (ISAs). Moreover, the standards and instructions issued by Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP).

Internal Audit Services

Focus on managing business and operational risks. Further, driven by an understanding of the business strategies, goals and key business processes of our clients.

Cost Audit

The firm’s cost audit team offers these services in accordance with the Cost Audit Rules created by the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan to clients.

Special Audit & Certification Services

The company also manages Special Audits and Certification Assignments that have been contracted out by either the management of the corporate entities or the regulatory agencies.

Research Analysis

Financial Audit

Capital Markets

Risk Assurance

Business Analyze