Financial Management Consultant in Lahore

Financial Management Consultant in Lahore

Financial Management Consultant in Lahore performs Feasibility studies, strategic financial planning and management, asset and business valuation. Moreover, performance and profit management tactics, business strategic planning, and business process re-engineering all includes.

Planning & Strategies

We offer start-ups, existing businesses, and organizations of all sizes the financial consulting services and solutions. Our clients’ strategic planning and operational decisions supports in an exceptional way by the market intelligence-base advice we offer. All companies, big and small, need to have reliable financial management and control systems in place.

Human Resource Consulting

Included are executive search and
placement, second and executive
leasing, job analysis and appraisal,
salary surveys, and design of compensation structures..

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Profit Improvement

The BTS & CO Financial Management Consultant team offers assistance in creating business plans base on local expertise and understanding in Lahore.

  • An analysis of capital structuring
  • Advice on the financing of new businesses
  • Give advice on the need for working capital
  • Analysis of capital investment
  • Analyze and assess operating efficiency and profitability.

Process & Workflow

Profit Maximization

How all The finance manager shall try to achieve as high profits in the short term and long term business. The company makes profit if finance manager takes good decisions.

Wealth Maximization

Wealth maximization means earning maximum wealth for shareholders. So, the finance manager tries to give maximum dividends to shareholders. In nutshell, the finance manager tries to maximize shareholders value.

Proper Mobilization

The finance manager must choose the sources of funding after determining the amount of funding that is needed. Manage variety of sources of finances, including shares and debentures.

Maintaining Proper Cash Flow

The financial manager shall ensure that there is a regular supply of liquidity in the company monitoring closely all the cash inflows and outflows reducing the instances of underflow and overflow of cash.

Research Analysis

Financial Audit

Capital Markets

Risk Assurance

Business Analyze