Human Resource Consultant in Lahore

Human Resource Consultant in Lahore

Human Resource Consultant in Lahore  and compensation structure design. Moreover, executive search and placement, second and executive leasing, human resource policies and procedures. Furthermore, competency assessment, institutional strengthening studies, manpower transition studies. Lastly, workload analysis studies, human resource audit, and training and development services.

Planning & Strategies

In order for your plan to remain adaptable, it is crucial to consider where your business is right now and where it heads. Depending on the present and future demands of the organization, each plan will differ significantly. But there is a general outline you can stick to to make sure you’re head in the correct direction.

An evaluation of your current personnel is the first step in the strategic human resource planning process. Also, to see whether it meets the needs of the company. The next step is to predict future employment requirements base on corporate objectives. The next step is to integrate employment planning into your organization’s strategy. And put in place a strategy to not only acquire new employees. But also retain them and give them the training they need to succeed in the company.

Information System Consulting

It comprises Project Management,
Software Configuration / Customization, Conference Room
Piloting, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP),
Information System Strategic Planning (ISSP),

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Profit Improvement

Human Resources is frequently seen as a “necessary evil” that is undervalued because it does not directly contribute to the company’s income. However, human resources are crucial to developing contented, productive employees and keeping a staff capable of meeting the company’s basic operational requirements. One task we frequently assign to new or potential clients is a five-step analysis to identify the human resources services that each company requires and how to scale those services in light of anticipated future growth. BTS & CO is one of the best human resource consultants in Lahore.

  • Analyze organizational Plans & Objectives
  • Preparing a Human Resource Inventory
  • Assessing Future Supply & Demand
  • Matching Supply & Demand
  • Establishing an Action Plan

Process & Workflow

Assess Current HR Capacity

Before making any moves to hire new employees for your organization, it`s important to understand the talent you already have at your disposal. Develop a skills inventory for each of employee.

Forecast HR Requirements

It is important to assess both your company’s demand for qualified employees and the supply of those employees either within the organization or outside of it.

Develop Talent Strategies

Recruit, Select and Hire new talent employees. Training and development of new employees. Also, manages employee remuneration, relation and performance.

Review & Evaluate

Evaluate whether the plan has helped the company to achieve its goals in factors like production, profit, employee retention, and employee satisfaction.

Research Analysis

Financial Audit

Capital Markets

Risk Assurance

Business Analyze