Tax Consultant in Lahore

Tax Consultant in Lahore

BTS & CO tax consultant in Lahore providing General Sales Tax (GST) – Planning, Consultation, Compliance and Reporting Services. Furthermore, Tax Due Diligence Reviews, Personal Taxation Services, and Corporate Taxation Services are all included.

Planning & Strategies

Everyone manages their finances; the methods used vary only occasionally. Tax preparation is one strategy to manage your finances. You can lower the amount of taxes you’ll owe at the end of each year by using tax planning. Tax planning can be done in a variety of ways, but it mainly entails three fundamental strategies: lowering your overall income, increasing the number of tax deductions you claim throughout the year, and utilising certain tax credits..

Corporate Law & Secretarial Services

It offers Share Registrar Services,
Strategic Corporate Consultation,
Secretarial and Corporate Compliance
Reporting, Public Floatation Services.

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Profit Improvement

Future planning is made possible by tax planning by BTS & CO Tax Consultant in Lahore. It helps you save money and prevent paying too much in taxes. Apart from that, though, tax planning will assist you in better understanding your spending habits. And, the ways in which investing in your future through education or retirement can benefit you.

  • Understand which tax bracket you fall in.
  • Reducing Your Income & increasing your deductions.
  • Utilizing Tax Credits

Process & Workflow

Income Tax Advisor

Further, our team of tax consultants and professionals give complete guideline to multiple business entities about tax regulations. Therefore, business entities will be able to meet their business goals.

Sales Tax Advisory

We provides help to business enterprises to keep track of their sales, purchases, inventories, input tax, output tax, and expenses.

Tax Registration, Filling & Documentation

Moreover, we assists business entities to get registration with the tax departments. Not only this, but we also provide support for detailed filing process including the Income Tax Returns, Sales Tax Returns & Witholding statements.

Tax Adjustification & Refunds

We help clients in adjudications including filling & pleading of cases at the Appeal Level, Appellate Tribunal Level, etc.

Research Analysis

Financial Audit

Capital Markets

Risk Assurance

Business Analyze